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This is a community dedicated to D-Boys, a group under the Watanabe Production. The D-Boys member are mainly new actors who are selected in the D-Boys audition once a year. Currently the group is consisted of 15 young talented boys who can act, dance, sing, etc. Though their main skill would be in acting, so you shouldn't be surprise if some of them can't sing well. They're relatively new, so let's support them till they succeed.

D-BOYS Member
Endou Yuuya, Yanagi Kotaroh, Shirota Yuu, Nakamura Yuichi, Igarashi Shunji, Wada Masato, Suzuki Hiroki, Araki Hirofumi, Kaji Masaki, Kumai Kohei, Seto Kouji, Nakagawa Shingo, Yanagishita Tomo, Makita Tetsuya, Nakamura Masaya, Usui Masahiro, Mikami Masashi

Former Member

Ichitarou Yamazaki (Graduate in March 2005)
Tetsu Shintaro (unknown)
Nakamura Katsuki (unknown)
Minakawa Yuuma (Graduate in January 2007)
Adachi Osamu (Graduate in January 2007)

[x] This is a comm for the watanabe entertainment group, D-Boys. Please post or direct link info about them.
[x] This is an Open Community. Don’t hesitate to introduced your self, post graphic, fanart, fanfic, etc
[x] All Media links SHOULD be in Friend’s lock. Which include Image, Icon’s, Mp3, and other things which are taken from the official website. We don’t have permission to post or re-distribute any image or files. And we have no interest to get into a legal trouble over copyrighted violations. So please Friend-lock them.
[x] Please place large image, large amount of image, and long post behind the LJ-Cut
[x] Respect other people opinions and NO member bashing
[x] No Direct Linking Image. Please upload the image on your own webspace or image hosting service.
[x] Yaoi and Shonen-Ai are accepted in this community. But please put the content under the LJ-Cut because not all the member accepts them.
[x] Please put an appropriate warning for the fanart or fanfic.
[x] This is an English baised forum area. Though, English is not everyone main language please posts and comments in English as best as you can ^-^ And please don’t post LiK DiSs.
[x] We have a right to delete a post which violated the rules. (As long as you don’t try to cross one, you’re not in a Problem ^-^)

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adacchin - Adachi Osamu
oha_setomaru - Seto Kouji
yanagishitomo - Yanagishita Tomo
channaka - Nakamura Yuichi
minnk - Minakawa Yuuma, Igarashi Shunji, Nakamura Yuichi, Nakagawa Shingo and Kumai Kohei

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