『History』EP 2 ~ズキアラ~

Here are some details about the ZukiAra comeback!

(Please forgive me if there are any mistakes… m(__)m)

☆The ZukiAra TV show is expected to be broadcast this autumn!

☆The event, “History” EP2, will be held on October 19th, 2019 (Saturday), at New Pier Hall in Tokyo.

The first performance is at 14:00 and the second, at 17:30.

Price: 5,800 yen (tax not included).

You have to be a member of “WE Pre” (paid subscription) to apply for the lottery of Advance Ticket Reservation.

(Here is a post I wrote about becoming a member of WE Pre / DB Station)

It’s a lottery, so there is the possibility of not getting any tickets at all in the end… T_T

[Reception period] August 30th, 2019 12:00 ~ September 8th, 2019 23:59
[Lottery results announcement] September 12th, 2019 15:00
[Payment period] September 12th, 2019 15:00 ~ September 16th 23:00
[Exchange period] From September 30th 10:00


Drazon Zakura


A person I know is going to Dragon Zakura and she will buy bromides for me.

If someone else also wants bromides from this play, we can talk to her!

The bromides will only be sold at the venue.

The performance is this Saturday, July 13th.


Price of the bromides: 1,000 yen for 1 set of 4 pictures. Each cast member will have an individual set.

Samples of the bromides:

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Dream live 2018

Arayan and Zukki became guest stars in dream live 2018 but on a different day. We haven't seen any video of them yet only some pictures. Arayan looks so happy.
Aaaaa, I really wish zukiara could be guest starred on the same day, I really want to see zukiara together again onscreen, 😣😆. Can someone inform us who else (former and active) d-boys member who become guest stars?

acca 13-ku kansatsu-ka stageplay

Yay, i finally received my copy of ACCA stage dvd version and decide to share it this weekend. Arayan played Jean Otus, he's the main lead in this butai. If any of you interest in watching the stage, feel free to contact me on my tumblr, i changed my username, it's annaratna, i'm more active there ^^. Plus, i'm still sharing d-stage the last game 2008 version for those who want to watch them.

Um, can anybody help me how to post to more than one community?

Aaaaaaand, i'm still collecting and looking for some of arayan's old works such as backstage of America, backstage of x-games and hanaoni, zukkiara season 2. If anyone still has them and kind enough to re-upload them again, it would be great^^. I promise i will follow all your rules. Take care 😄😆

More info about DB station

DB station is now officially open!

I wrote a little about DB station on a previous post.

It’s a page with exclusive contents from D-BOYS and their official fanclub. It can be accessed on smartphones (iPhone and Android) and PCs (Windows and Mac). To access most of the contents, you’ll need a paid membership.

I’m not in Japan but I was able to become a member and explore the site without any problems, so I believe anyone can do it!

Besides D-BOYS, the membership grants access to pages with exclusive contents from other WE artists, like Shirota Yu, Mikami Masashi and Patch.

The membership costs 300 yen per month, that can be paid by credit card. There are only two options: to pay 1800 yen for 6 months or to pay 3600 yen for 12 months. It’s probably better to become a member at the beginning of the month (because, I’m almost sure, whether you become a member on the first day of month or the last, that your membership period will finish at the same day). If people are interested, I can explain how to fill the form to become a member.

And for the people who become a member and apply till May 31st, there will be a lottery for an autographed bromide! ^_^


Happy birthday Ann!!!

Today is Ann‘s birthday!!! She´s the sweetest girl and I´m really happy I met her! Thank you very much for all your kind words and support, Ann! Hope your day is full of joy! And many nice-haired Araki photos!!!

She wanted some ZukiAra translations… so here is the Camping episode! I tried my best but there are some parts I couldn´t translate and probably many mistakes along the way… But I hope she likes it! Corrections and comments are welcome!

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DB Station

Nee... I don't know how many people are aware but, on May 1st, DB Station will be launched!

A website with exclusive D-BOYS contents and a paid membership. It will replace D Plus (D-BOYS official fanclub), p.o.t. (D2 official fanclub) and D-BOYS mate (D-BOYS current paid website).

A little description of what it will offer:

- Sale of tickets for events, stages, movies and fanclub members-only events featuring D-BOYS!
- A daily point system. If you save points and apply, you can take part in a lottery for an autographed bromide!
- A monthly audio clip from each D-BOY, with a theme of their own choice!
- Videos in which D-BOYS talk about their recent works!
- Contents created by D-BOYS themselves! There will be individual series for the following D-BOYS: Suzuki Hiroki, Araki Hirofumi, Seto Koji, Ryo Mitsuya, Sho Jinnai, Ryosuke Ikeoka, Yuki Yamada, Takahisa Maeyama, Jun Shison, Shuto Miyazaki and Masaki Nakao.
- A birthday mail from your favorite D-BOYS! (maximum of 5 D-BOYS of your choice)
- D-BOYS e-mail newsletter!
- Fanclub-limited goods for sale!

Now, for the not very good part... :(

There are some things that will be discontinued, like the fanclub magazines (that were sent by mail) and part of the contents from D-BOYS mate.

From D-BOYS mate, "D-BOYS meter" and "Report" will only be available till the end of this month. "D-BOYS Member's Produce!" will be discontinued at the end of this month, but will remain available for viewing till the end of July.

On DB Station, there will be those "individual series" mentioned above (probably similar to "D-BOYS Member's Produce!", but with new contents and a different lineup of D-BOYS). It's a real pity because Wada Masato, Makita Tetsuya, Tomo Yanagishita, Usui Masahiro and Yamada Yusuke won't have a space for their individual contents anymore... T___________T

I'm a little worried... but I truly hope DB Station brings nice things!!! *prays*